The Design Process


We will start with an initial meeting to discuss all your wants and needs, as well as some sort of budget so that we can determine your overall goals for the project.  Once we come up with a conceptual plan then we can determine what you like and don’t like about the plan.  Working with your budget we can determine what materials that you would like to use for the project. After determining from two revisions to the landscaping plan, we can agree on a overall estimate and design.  After completing the landscaping plan, I will render a detailed plot plan of all landscaping that will be performed.  Along with any construction details necessary so that we can either submit to the HOA or to the city depending on permits and local codes for your area.  Once we get permission from the HOA or city to complete the landscaping project,  we will get started doing what we do best.  This is where you sit back and wait until the final product.. Your beautiful new landscaping, weather that is a custom waterfall or a complete new landscaping will be yours to enjoy for many years to come…

little, waterfall 3d 3d backyard boivin top view josh pool and hot tub 3dFB_IMG_1439900905587


design two detailed plant list_1Backup of palokodety phase 1 with future revisions_1

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